June 12

On  the 12th of June Ufa celebrated three holidays: Russia Day, City Day, Birthday of Salawat Yulayev.

Virtual tour along festivous Ufa is presented with 20 spherical panoramas:

  1. The Monument of Friendship - a solemn oath of 50 employees of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia;
  2. Aksakov Garden  - Street Theatre Festival "Endorphin", tournament of knights, etc.
  3. Lenin Street - Festival of Crafts;
  4. Square of Russian Drama Theater - The International Festival of National Cultures "Berdemlek - Commonwealth";
  5. Racecourse Akbuzat – the concert of rock band DDT.

If you want to open to the entire screen, click the button Fullscreen button tour on the tour.

Historical reference:

1. Russia Day

The First Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic on June 12, 1990. This day, Russia announced its secession from the USSR and the establishment of an independent state. The day when the declaration was adopted- June 12 - was proclaimed as national holiday by Supreme Soviet of Russia in 1992.

Besides the proclamation of the sovereignty of the Russian SFSR and the intention to establish a democratic constitutional state within of a renewed USSR, the declaration also states the following:

  • Priority of the constitution and laws of the Russian SFSR over legislation of the Soviet Union;
  • Equal legal opportunities for all citizens, political parties and public organizations;
  • The principle of separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers;
  • The need to significantly expand the rights of the autonomous republics, regions, districts, territories of Russia

(from http://ru.wikipedia.org)

2. City Day

Kazan commander Mikhail Alexandrovich Naghim founded Ufa fortress in 1574 to strengthen the south-eastern borders of Russia, at the confluence of the rivers Ufa (Karaidel) and Belaya (Agidel). Originally Ufa fortress occupied a small area, not more than 1.2 hectares at the site where now the "Monument of Friendship" stands. The few citizens (there were 58 households and 162 inhabitants in the 70-80s of the XVII century in Ufa) settled mainly in the eastern foot of the Ufa Kremlin, on the right bank of the river Sutoloky (now it is Posadsky street, the oldest in Ufa).

At the beginning of XX century Ufa was a typical provincial town, differing, however, from many surrounding governorate centers (Simbirsk, Vyatka, Orenburg, etc.) with relatively rapid leaps of development. Ufa became an important administrative, economic and cultural center of South Urals.

Ufa governorate was abolished and its three districts - Ufa, Birskiy and Belebeevsky - were handed over to Bashkir republic on June 14, 1922 by Decree of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee. Ufa declared the capital of BASSR (Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic)...

On August 12, 1980 the population of Ufa was 1 million people and Ufa became a city-millionaire.

In 2013, Ufa celebrated its 439 years.

(from http://tourism.ufacity.info/ufa/istoriya-goroda/)

3. Salawat Yulayev’s birthday

Salawat Yulayev(Bashkir:СалауатЮлаев; 16 June 1752– 8 October 1800) is a Bashkir national hero, one of the leaders of Peasants' War of 1773-1775ss,  an associate of Pugachev, poet-improviser (sesen).

Salawat Yulayev was born in 1752 in the village of Tekeyevo, in Shaytan-Kudeevsky volost of Ufa province of Orenburg Governorate (now Salavatsky District) of Bashkortostan.

Salawat Yulayev was nineteen-year-old when he stood up underPugachev in Berdsk fortress.   Since that day and till Salawat's capture, on 25 November, 1774, he was in the center of events of the Peasant War.

Salawat led many key events of that war.Kept documents testify the personal involvement of Salawat Yulayev in more than twenty battles. He seized Simsk and Katavsky plants, besieged Chelyabinsk fortress, participated in the siege of Orenburg, and  burned the fort of Krasnoufimsky. For over a year Salawat fought in 28 battles. 11 of which he spent alone independently, the rest of them within the main army of Pugachev. Not all of the 11 independent battles with regular armies ended with the victory of Salawat.There were defeats, but, unlike the other leaders of the Peasant War, Salawat never admitted a total defeat of his army.Every time he managed to keep main forces of army, to restore the battle lines as soon as possible and to participate in battles again....

Salawat Yulayev was known among the people as a poet-improviser. Salawat sang about native Urals expanses in his songs, about the people and their ancient customs, and about the sacred faith of their ancestors. The connection of his talent of being a poet and a singer with martial prowess and military leader symbolized the perfect spiritual image of the Bashkir people.

"You are so far, my fatherland!
I would return home, but alas,
I am in chains, my Bashkirs!
The road home may be obscured by snow,
But come spring it shall melt -
I'm not dead yet, my Bashkirs!"

    Love to the song, to the horse and the courage of a warrior at all times were inseparable nature of the Bashkir soldier. The ideal of the Bashkir people of those ages was a warrior-singer.

(info. from  http://ru.wikipedia.org/)

The project team of “Virtual Bashkortostan” thanks Administration of Ufa city and personally Danil Ivliv and Alexey Ivanov for contributing in spherical photography management. 

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