The project Virtual Bashkortostan was successfully presented on the exhibitions “Ufa Industrial Exposition - 2013”

The exhibition was held in the cultural centre Neftyanik  from 12 to 14 of February.  85 factories took part in the exhibition. The exhibit table “Virtual Bashkortostan” took  great attention among the visitors.

If you want to open to the entire screen, click the button Fullscreen button tour on the tour.


Стенд «Виртуальный Башкортостан» пользовался повышенным вниманием у посетителей

The artist E. Sevastyanov  was drawing portraits for all visitors

Севастьянов рисует портрет посетителя

and drew the portrait of  city executive I.I. Yalalov.

портрет главы города И.И. Ялалова (автор Е. Севастьянов )

During the exhibition all volunteers were able to taste specially prepared cookies.

At the end of the competition, the committee chose the winners. The staff of the project Virtual Bashkortostan was awarded third place  diploma  in the nomination “For the  achievement in the sphere of the development of informational commutative technologies”.

ufapromexpo13 diplom

Author: R. Batyrov

Photosphere: R. Batyrov

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