15 августа 2013 года у Конгресс-Холла был проведен второй по счету «Открытый кинопоказ». Уфимцам был показан фильм - «Крупная рыба». Также был показан эпизод кинокомедии «Ёлки-3», снятый в Уфе этим лето.

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Компания «Уфанет»

Администрации городского округа город Уфа

June 12

On  the 12th of June Ufa celebrated three holidays: Russia Day, City Day, Birthday of Salawat Yulayev.

Virtual tour along festivous Ufa is presented with 20 spherical panoramas:

  1. The Monument of Friendship - a solemn oath of 50 employees of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia;
  2. Aksakov Garden  - Street Theatre Festival "Endorphin", tournament of knights, etc.
  3. Lenin Street - Festival of Crafts;
  4. Square of Russian Drama Theater - The International Festival of National Cultures "Berdemlek - Commonwealth";
  5. Racecourse Akbuzat – the concert of rock band DDT.

Meeting of gratitude of Muslims of Russia, dedicated to the day of official adoption of Islam by Volga Bulgaria, a formal ceremony of river station and the Museum of Bulgar civilization were held on 25 of May in Bolghar city (Republic of Tatarstan).

XXI International Specialized Exhibition “GAS. OIL. TECHNOLOGIES - 2013” was officially opened. It is one of the most important events in oil and gas industry of the country, it is held from 21 to 24 of May 2013 in Ufa (Ufa-Arena, 114 of Lenin Street).

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