A sport – tourist festival “Heart remembers….” was held in Sterlitamak region near the foothill of Yuraktau. The festival is dedicated to the memory of military men who died in the line of duty, and sportsmen who died during the conquering of sport heights.

"Penetration - is the condition that everything had started with", - Evgeniy Sevastyanov is talking about his exhibition. It is called "Penetration". It was opened in an unusual place - on TV channel "M-Television".

"I have been painting under this condition for 10 years", - Evgeniy continues. Then a transformation has happened. It became difficult for me. I decided to dive like a whale and wash out everything. I got freedom. I harked back to what I had begun with: I am sketching, and then painting pictures".

“Pobeda” is an iconic soviet passenger car, having been produced at Gorky Car Plant in 1946 – 1958. The first cars rolled off the production line on 26 of June 1946. Plant index of the car is GAS – M-20.

The spillway still continues on the biggest Pavlovsky storage of the republic. The sterile spills into the Ufimka river are equal to 300-400 cubic meters per second, but 800-900 cubic meters per second penetrate through hydroturbines. The stream of melt and rain waters is equal to 1600 cubic meters per second, and at the same time the water rises over 2 cm per hour in the daytime, and over 6 cm per hour at night.

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