The spillway still continues on the biggest Pavlovsky storage of the republic. The sterile spills into the Ufimka river are equal to 300-400 cubic meters per second, but 800-900 cubic meters per second penetrate through hydroturbines. The stream of melt and rain waters is equal to 1600 cubic meters per second, and at the same time the water rises over 2 cm per hour in the daytime, and over 6 cm per hour at night.

Today our four-footed friend, German shepherd Dina has died unexpectedly at three o'clock in the afternoon. Together we travelled along whole Bashkortostan: we conquered Big Iremel, swam across the river Zilim, sat near the fire of the lakes Asilikul, Kandrikul, water storage Nugush, walked trough Muradimovsky Gorge.

Dina was never afraid of neither a band of wild dogs, nor agressive human beings, but at the same time Dina was friendly towards the surrounding persons!

Dina was honest and devoted friend.

You can see the dog Dina in our virtual tours:

The exhibition was held in the cultural centre Neftyanik  from 12 to 14 of February.  85 factories took part in the exhibition. The exhibit table “Virtual Bashkortostan” took  great attention among the visitors.

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