Iremel mount

Natural Park Iremel is a symbol of beauty of the Southern Urals. Mountain Iremel is the second largest peak of the Southern Urals in the north-east of Beloretsk region of Bashkortostan. There is Big (Bolshoy) Iremel with plateau-like summit of Kaban (from Bashkir “stack”) and Small (Malyy) Iremel separated with saddle area. Depart from Big (Bolshoy) Iremel there are two spurs: Zherebchik and Sinyak. Small (Malyy) Iremel is crowned with five rocky peaks - hills with rocky outliers.

Iremel is considered a holy mountain, a place of power. Climbing the Iremel is unforgettable experience. This walking route is popular with tourists and esoterics. The slopes are covered with sharp float stones – rock glaciers, so climbing requires special care. Each of the four altitudinal belts of Iremel is presented with its flora: from coniferous and deciduous forests in the lower belt to mountain tundra on the tops. You can also meet “stone pots” – round holes with diameter of 2-3 meters, where the rainwater is flocked and it is drinkable. The weather here is very changeable.

The sources of rivers Tygyn, Sinyak, Big Avnyar, Karagayka and Tyulyuk are located at the foot of the mountain. They all are the tributories of the river Belaya. The valley of Tygyn river is known as Stone river as its significant part is strewn with stones.

3D Iremel tour covers the distance from the parking place of tourists in the village Tyulyuk to the Mountain peak of Big (Bolshoy) Iremel with stops at Stone River, river Karagayka, Tyulyuk, and Larkin Valley – a narrow canyon where where there used to be a mill. The area is inhabited by large mammals, including the lynx, wolves, moose, bears.

There are several tourist bases in the old village Tyulyuk, from which Iremel route begins.

The height of Big (Bolshoy) Iremel 1582,3 m
GPS-coordinates: N 54° 32′ 0″
E 58° 50′ 20″
The height of Small (Malyy) Iremel 1449,4 m
The length of the Iremel from north-east to south-west 12 km
The length of the Iremel from north-west to south-east 8 km
The distance from the village Tyulyuk to the top of the mountain Big (Bolshoy) Iremel 12-16 km

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