Meeting of gratitude in goody Bulgars

Meeting of gratitude in goody Bulgars

Meeting of gratitude of Muslims of Russia, dedicated to the day of official adoption of Islam by Volga Bulgaria, a formal ceremony of river station and the Museum of Bulgar civilization were held on 25 of May in Bolghar city (Republic of Tatarstan).

The President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, Counsellor of state of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Republic fund of the historical and cultural monuments revival Mintimer Shaymiev, the Chairman of the Central Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia Shaykhul-Islam Talgat Safa Tajuddin, the Chairman of the Council of Muftis of Russia Ravil hazrat Gaynutdin and others took part in the opening ceremony of the new project.

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According to the legends and historical notes, on the 9th of Ramadan of 9th of Heriga (AD 631) Muhammad the Prophet directed his three companions Abdurahman Ibne Zubayr, Zubayr Ibne Dzhagd, Talha Ibne Guzman to ancient Bulgars, who came there a year later. There is a legend about the miraculous healing of Bolghars king’s daughter Tuybika after the prayers of Prophet’s companions and about Islam adoption by the king of Bolghar Aydarkhan and his surroundings. Since that time Islam advancement started in Volga region and Urals, across our country, in Finland and Japan.

On the 16th of Muharram of 310 of Heriga (16 May 922 AD) the king of Great Bolghar Almas Kham Ibne Sulky after the national discussion on the all-Bolghar Meeting, officially declared voluntary adoption of Islam as the national religion. Even Ibne Fadlan, being the secretary of al-Muktadir Caliph embassy, wrote in his book “Risalyat Ibne Fadlan” that there were mosques and madrassas in many cities and villages of Bolghars. Even in Bulgars the Friday service was delivered in the mosque with mention of the Bolghars king’s name in khutbah. Even then our ancestors were Hanafiyah (the followers of Hanafi school thought). A large part of Bulgar people had adhered to Islam even before the embassy from Baghdad came in 922.

In August 1989 the Central Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia (CSBM) was responsible for holding celebrations on the occasion of 1100th anniversary of Islam adoption as national religion in Bolghars. Also CSBM was responsible for holding the 200th anniversary of Orenburg Mohammedan Spiritual Assembly creation. These celebrations were held in many regions of our country with the participation of four Spiritual Boards of USSR, delegations of spiritual, public and state leaders from 28 Arabic and Muslim countries, and representatives of international Islamic organizations: Afghanistan, Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Japan, Pakistan, Yemen, Kuwait, Turkey, Syria, Emirates, Egypt, Libya, Iran and other countries. Talgat Tajuddin, the chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the European part (SBMEU) of USSR and Siberia, read a report on the historical path and current activities of SBMEU. But the Scientific secular society emphasized in their speeches, the increased importance and responsibility of the activities of SBMEU under the conditions of society renewal. The positive role and efforts of SBMEU in the organization of functioning of Muslin communities, increasing civic engagement of believers in the improvement of public-Islamic Relations in the peace fight and good-neighborly relations between nations were especially noted. The speakers were unanimous in recognizing the historical significance of Islam for destiny of the peoples of Volga and Ural regions.

The climax of celebrations was the holiday prayer in the ancient Bulgars. Since that time, for over 20 years on the initiative of CSBM, thousands of regional muftis, imams and believers gather for “Izge Bulgar Sheker Zhieny” i.e “Meeting of gratitude in goody Bulgars” in order to honor worthy ancestors, to join efforts in preserving native Islam, peace and harmony on earth of our homeland.

(The information is provided by the Russian Islamic University in Ufa)

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