Dinosaur Park is located in the south-west of Lake Severnoe Ulyandy, in Abzelilovsky region near the village Tashbulatovo. It is 40 km from Magnitogorsk.

In the park with stylized wooden and thatched buildings, paved paths and a waterfall can be seen 28 exhibits – figures of dinosaurs and other animals both prehistoric and quite modern. All they move and make sounds, while, of course, are completely safe for visitors. Kids can even ride two dinosaurs. You can read interesting information about dinosaurs in Russian and English languages on the labels.

If you want to open to the entire screen, click the button Fullscreen button tour on the tour.

Music: John Williams (Welcome to Jurassic Park)

The virtual tour consists of 10 spherical photo panoramas. Two aerial photo panoramas - from a height of 100 meters provide a look at dinopark. Land-based 3D-panoramas encompass five exhibits of the park.

All around the park territory there is a train for children "DinoEkspress", for young passengers who guides tell about prehistoric animals. There is also a children's playground with a trampoline.

There is a sandy beach with sun loungers and sunshades on the shore of the lake. There is a football pitch and a tennis court. You can take a helicopter ride or rise in the sky in a balloon. Nearby there is a hotel, restaurant and Finnish grill-room (with grill setting in the center).

The park works in winter, because the material of the exhibits is frostproof. However, at temperatures below-15C, models will not move and sound. Paying an entrance fee you can walk all day in the park.

Location The Republic of Bashkortostan, Abzelilovsky region, Lake Severnoe Ulyandy
GPS-coordinates N 53° 38'43.03" E 58° 47'55.03"
Site http://parkdinozavrik.ru/
Distance from Ufa 315 km

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