Zilim river

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River Zilim is a large river in the southern Urals of the Republic of Bashkortostan. It is the right tributary of the River Belaya. It starts on the eastern slope of the ridge Zilmerdak. The mountainous part of the river begins from its source and ends near the village Tashasty, further the flat part is till the river mouth. The virtual tour covers the middle part of Zilim.

Zilim rafting is very popular. It is particularly picturesque and extreme. The stream of Zilim is very fast, and deciduous trees lean toward the water making it more dangerous. You can get there on transport till the upper reaches of the river and go rafting along an uninhabited highland where Zilmerdak and Bashtin ridges, Kysyk rapids are situated. Or you can raft near the village of Bakeevo. Here you can find Kuzganak and Mambet rocks, also the cave of Kinderlinskaya which is known as Victory cave. One more sightseeing is Zilim ridge or Aktash. It is a rock wall along the river. After the cliffed coasts, the fast stream calms down, and you can see villages and towns. With the help of the virtual tour, you can look to the tourist camp "Artysh"(http://www.artish.ru/), situated in the village Tolparovo, on the riverside Zilim.

Lovers of fishing can try their luck: large graylings are nibbling.

You can find a lot of “Red Book” representatives of fauna on the surrounding area: greater spotted eagle, taimen, peregrine falcon, golden eagle, black stork, harrier eagle, goosander and others.

 The length of river Zilim  215 km
 River catchment area  3280 km2
 Water system  Caspian Sea
 River basins  Kama

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